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This Campaign started on January 9, 2017 and will close on August 1, 2017, 12:00 am.
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  • Investor Tax Relief
  • Investing Goal $750,000.00 USD
  • Current Reservations $0.00 USD
  • Minimum Reservation $250,000.00 USD
  • Open Date 01-09-2017
  • Closing Date 08-01-2017
  • Current Round $25,000.00 USD
  • Date Round Opened 07-01-2016

Company Overview


Betwoon will be the most important online gambling platform that View sponsor's full profile


  • Strategic alliances
  • Focused on the Latin American marke
  • Starup
  • Focused on monetary conversion

Elevator Pitch

Our Purpose

Create the first casino with worldwide conversions and with the possibility of betting segmented by country and sports. Focused on the Latin American market as it has not been exploited yet and therefore is a profitable niche in the short term.


Gambling is not seen as something good, is very controlled and has big regulatory framework.


Create a safe and reliable site to acquire our competitor market share.


The niche is very clear, the competitors are few and with notable weaknesses.

Our target audience are over aged because of the concept of bets and must have time to spend playing. In early stages, it will be focused in Latin America. The gambling market is becoming more and more diverse, and the

typical adult male player stereotype no longer applies. Increasingly women online gambling enthusiasts are representing 40% of the market. 

The age of the gamblers has also changed, because as society becomes more technological, younger fans turn to online gambling. Currently only 30% of online players over 50 years. Lottery skill games, bingo, online casino games, poker and sports betting are the different types of the online game. However the game preferences depend on gender. According to some studies, women prefer to play bingo, but with interest in other online gambling is on the rise. The gaming behaviors also vary between men and women. Women usually play longer but less money, while men play shorter sessions for more money. Generally man playing with emotion and adrenaline that online gaming offers, while women do it as a form of relaxation.

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